Sunday, January 28

Veganize it!

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Party-game of 1 vs.1 or 2 vs.2 where vegans compete against carnivores for transmitting their ideology to the others.

This game was made during Global Game Jam 2018. This year's theme was transmission.

How to play

(At least 3 controllers are needed)

Player 4 can also play with WASD to move, K to jump and J to shoot.

Vegans throw veggies to the carnists in order to convert them, while carnists throw them meat with the same goal.
Each round lasts until all players are on the same side. Each player earns points for each conversion, and the one with more points at the end of the game wins.


Martí Lloveras Rosales - Programmer
Gerard Belenguer Prous - Programmer
Renrith - Artist
Jaime "Doc" Muñiz Sallés - Composer/Sound designer